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About Lalabs

Lalabs is a research and development foundation for decentralized social technologies. We are focused on developing systems, tools, and protocols enabling mainstream social apps to integrate into blockchain ecosystem fluidly.

Today Blockchain is a complex and futuristic idea far out of reach from consumer adoption and its implementation is expensive. Our aim to bring mass market consumer grade level apps to crypto-economy. Toward that end, we are building a bridge framework for mainstream apps to connect blockchain infrastructure layer through simple API calls.

Our flagship project is Decentralized Social Crypto Apps Network (d·scan) with a native token Bracecoin.

Our protocol layers will act as a catalyst onboarding millions of users to crypto-economy by providing apps that has consumer level user experience on top of the blockchain.


Social App (d·scan)

Activity streaming on short videos and pictures.

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A Decentralized Social Crypto Apps Network (d·scan).

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